BLOG: Wait a Minute! Is it Legal?

The Skinny on Homeschooling in Alberta

If you want to home educate in Alberta, what do you need to know? First and most importantly, you need to know that it is 100% legal in Alberta! Not only is it legal but the Alberta Government actually supports and funds this educational choice. (Yahhh!)
Second, you cannot  offically start homeschooling until grade 1. The good news is Phoenix offers a kindergarten program for Calgary parents. Click here for more information. Ok . . . back to grade one. Children who are 5 years and 6 months old on September 1 qualify to start homeschooling.
Third, to be legal and to receive funding , you must register with a school board or authority. You can register with your local board if they offer homeschooling options or with any “Willing Non-Resident” School Board  anywhere in the province by September 30. What is a Willing Non-Resident School Board? A school board that is “willing” means that they offer homebased  programs and are “willing” to take students who do not reside in their local area. For example, if you live in Starthmore, you can register with a Willing Non-Resident School Board that is in Calgary. (Like Phoenix!! What a happy coincidence!!))
But which board . . . there seems to be a lot of choices. That is the tough part . . . exploring all the different homebased educational options. We hope you will check out Phoenix – after all, we were created by homeschoolers just like YOU!

Diana Stinn – Co-Founder

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