It is a real challenge to reach the homeschooling community. It is a diverse community spread throughout the province. Some families live in cities and some in rural areas. So we use a variety of ways to communicate – this website, email, phone, fax, some paid advertising and, of course, word of mouth. We also post on various yahoo groups. Unfortunately, there seems to be a few misunderstandings about the Phoenix Foundation and, as a result, we have been denied access to some homeschooling bulletin boards. This means that homeschooling families that are just like yours, are missing out on valuable information and unique learning opportunities that may significantly impact the quality of their educational experience. Don’t let that happen!

Clarifying the Myths

  • Phoenix is a NON-PROFIT organization – that means we are governed by the Societies Act and run by a board of directors of which 50% are parents from the school.
  • Phoenix is NOT OWNED by anyone.
  • Phoenix is run by HOMESCHOOLERS for homeschoolers.
  • Phoenix is OPEN TO ALL homeschooling families. You don’t even have to be registered with us to participate in activities with us!

School Authority

Yes, our Foundation runs an independent Alberta school that caters to homeschoolers! THIS IS OUR AREA OF EXPERTISE! As an example, did you know we operate the ONLY kindergarten program in the entire province that caters to the homeschooling community?

We are proud members of AISCA – the Association of Independent Schools and Colleges of Alberta. We submit audited financial statements each year to the Alberta Government and we chair Network South which is the informal network of all the home education facilitators (public, catholic and private) for the southern part of the province.

We advocate and speak out for homeschooling rights and responsibilities. Phoenix has participated in every major government initiative since its inception in 2004. We write articles, go on TV programs and radio as well as liaise directly with MLAs and government officials on behalf of the school and parents!


Yes, we are a support group too! True, this not our only mandate but still we offer coffee groups, workshops, curriculum sales and face-to-face support YEAR ROUND!

We believe:

  • Each child has unique talents, skills, interests and learning styles and that their education should respect these.
  • Parents are the primary educators of their children, therefore a meaningful partnership with them is critical.
  • The support and guidance of our caring, dedicated, qualified professionals will enhance the academic, physical, social, spiritual and emotional qualities of our students.


We offer hundreds – YES, HUNDREDS – of great classes and field trips each year. Not one or two here and there but HUNDREDS! You have choice, options and if there is something you really want, we’ll offer. All our classes run on a cost recovery basis – which means you need to get together enough of your friends to cover the costs and we’ll run it!

We’ve Got You Covered

We have an amazing building where your kids are safe and supervised. We carry insurance and train our staff! Everyone who works at Phoenix is required to have a police check and first aid. So while classes, field trips and events are indeed planned by parents just like you . . . we have the important details covered so you can relax and your kids can have a great time!

Need Your Help

Please spread the word – TELL YOUR FRIENDS –  POST THIS ON YOUR FACE BOOK PAGE OR ON HOMESCHOOL BULLETIN BOARDS YOU BELONG TO – Help eradicate misunderstanding and ignorance! The Phoenix Foundation was created and is run by an amazing group of people JUST LIKE YOU!

Author: Diana Stinn

Co-Founder of Phoenix

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