Important Homeschooling Deadline Approaches!

ATTENTION ALL ALBERTA HOMESCHOOL FAMILIES: This is a short reminder about the importance of registering with a school board on or before Sept 30 of each year. September 30, also known as Count Day, is the last day for parents to register with a board and receive financial support (sometimes called funding). This funding is for resources to support your child’s educational plan.


 Not registering can mean that your child will be considered truant. All children ages 5 years and 6 months old are required by law to attend school in this province. Best to avoid this situation!


 Some families might argue that the $800-$1500 per child they receive for resources from their school board is not a lot but I would suggest this money can make all the difference in the quality of your homeschooling journey! $1500 can buy a lot of stuff and/or activities for your kids! You can purchase annual passes to the Calgary Zoo that the whole family can enjoy. This money can pay for your library card, tons of iTunes apps and other cool resources. You may be able to purchase an iPad or laptop and so much more. (Be sure to check out your boards reimbursement policy – every board’s policy is different.) $1500 can add a lot of colour and fun to your educational program.


Some school boards will accept late registrations but you may have to pay for the support – i.e. diagnostic testing, teacher time or tutoring, etc. This can cost several hundreds of dollars. So plan to register – the deadline is SEPTEMBER 30.

This year

This year September 30 falls on a Sunday which means you need to get into the board of your choice before this date in order to avoid disappointment or worse.
PS – Phoenix Foundation is open Tuesday to Friday this week from 9:00 Am to 4:00 PM each day. (320 19 Street SE) As well, we will be open on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 from 10 AM to 1 PM to accept your registrations!

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