We Value Your INPUT!

NEW Injury Form

In response to some amazing parent input, we have recently redesigned our injury form to include more details. While it was modelled after a form from one of the public schools, it was designed to reflect the unique nature of our organizations – after all we are ALL HOMESCHOOLERS. Did you know that Phoenix is run by homeschoolers JUST LIKE YOU? In fact, our kids are register with the school and attend the many hundreds of classes, workshops and events we host each year. As fellow parents, we are happy to make this change!

Thanks for your help!

Further a couple of parents have requested that we make sure everyone understands our SHOE REQUIREMENT. So here it is again! Please make sure your child comes to Phoenix with proper footwear. This means good quality runners suitable for our physical education studio (gym). Oh, and please make sure they have white soles as black ones leave unsightly marks. If your child does not have proper footwear, they can still participate in bare feet.

Not a public school

We are not a public school but rather a community of learners! We share, we care and we help each other! That is what makes us so special! We work together to create educational opportunities for our children. And as a fellow homeschooler, I would like to thank the amazing moms who help out around the centre – who bandage booboos, who help someone else’s child read, who lend a helping hand. Know that we appreciate you – yup, all of us . . . the homeschooling staff and the other parents! You rock! It is wonderful to know that while I am looking after your children, you are looking out for mine!

Got an idea?

We are totally open to your ideas and suggestions. As a non-profit Alberta charity, we love your donations too! Did you know we operate on 25% of a public school? That’s OK! Being a pirate school affords us as homeschoolers the opportunity to be DIFFERENT but that freedom means that we have to depend on our community to help out. Did you know that the whole centre has been painted by PARENTS? Did you know that the cupboards were hung by PARENTS? Did you know that our computer network is maintained by PARENTS? and so on and so on!

You get out of Phoenix what you put in!

So get involved! If there is some piece of equipment you would like to see made available to the community, then come with a plan of how the money will be raised. If you have an idea for a class, then be prepared to teach it . . . GET INVOLVED! Phoenix is like NO OTHER school and is what it is today is because of parents just like you and the hundreds of hours they put into making it a great place to learn and be!

One comment

  1. I am amazed everyday at our amazing families! It is sometimes hard to remember that so many of our staff are “in the trenches ” of homeschooling their own kids at the same time as doing all that they do at work….and I am always so pleased and inspired by the thoughtful and caring way parents around the building look out for each other with some supportive chat. As well as how they step up for a child in need, even if it is just help opening a juice box. :). I truly believe it takes a village, and I am so glad I am a part of the Phoenix community! Thank you all!
    Jill Mann 🙂

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