Old-school Homeschool

Are you old fashion and out of style? I am, apparently – at least according to my teen.

The good news is, sometimes it pays to be unhip. Especially in homeschooling! Sometimes the pursuit of the shiny new thing leads away from the basic principles of education that work best for our children.

Ask yourself:

1. What is everyone else doing – and how can I do the opposite? Being trendy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing the best job for your child. You’ve already chosen the path that is different from the rest, so why follow now!

2. What worked in the past that has been abandoned – and why? Take a closer to your resources before you throw something out or sell it to someone else. Why did that particular resource work or not work for your child? Is it worthwhile coming back to the resource and trying it again?

3. What circumstances have changed that might allow for new opportunities? Can you use that resource in a new and different way rather than going out and purchasing the latest and greatest?

Don’t hesitate to take a tour of your old resources and brush off what worked before. It might work well again. It’s not a bad thing to look at the past. Many kids have learned to read using simple readers from the past. Sometimes the simpler things are, the more effective they can be.

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