News from Darlene

Dear Parents,

Thank-you for those of you who have handed in several of your submissions.   Please check your calendars for January.  You can email  to book your time.

Also, please check your binders for the interview sheet questions and briefly fill them out prior to our meeting.  It doesn’t have to take long and can be done with a few jot notes.  It will greatly assist me in our progress report meeting.  As well,  if you please list a few books your child has read that would be great.

My January schedule will be as follows:

Thursday January 10          9:30-2:30

Friday January 11                9:30-11:00

Thursday January 17          9:30-2:30

Friday January 18                9:30-2:30

Thursday January 24          9:30-2:30

Friday January 25                9:30-2:30

Thursday January 31          9:30-2:30

Friday February 1                9:30-2:30

Thursday February 7          9:30- 11:00  1:00-2:30

Friday February 8                 9:30-2:30

Thursday  February 14        9:30-2:30

Friday February 15               9:30-2:30

 It’s a pleasure being your learning coach.  I appreciate your dedicated efforts in teaching your children.

I look forward to meeting with you in the near future!


Darlene Dutka

Learning Coach

Author: Diana Stinn

Co-Founder of Phoenix

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