2013 Trends Affecting Homeschooling

As homeschoolers, we have undoubtedly chosen a unique path for ourselves and our families. Never-the-less we still live in and are a part of the world. We too are affected by trends! To make the best decisions for our children, it is important to be aware of factors affecting our choices. So here are Trendwatching’s 10 hot consumer trends for 2013 and my thoughts on how they may affect your homeschooling journey. This is a lengthy article so I have broken it into three parts to share with you. Today, we will explore trends one through three.

1. Presumers and Custowners: Consumers want to be involved in the creation of products are that specifically suited to their needs, wants and desires. Over the past year we’ve received numerous emails from developers wanting homeschoolers to be involved in the develpment of specific educational items. For example, most recently the Tyrell Museum in Drumheller asked homeschoolers to participate in the creation of their new online program.

2. Emerging Squared: Companies are starting to outsource more of their development to other companies. Take for example that new iPad you purchased for the homeschooler on your Christmas list. Many of its prime components are manufactured elsewhere around the world and then the product is assembled and shipped to Apple in United States. Apple then sells this product as its own. This is often the case with many kinds of products including food items. Make sure you check the labels. They may often say “assembled in Canada” and be sold as a Canadian product and yet is manufactured elsewhere around the world.

3. Mobile Moments: Consumers will be doing everything on their smartphones. More and more homeschoolers are using iPads, laptops and smartphones not only to educate their children but to source of educational resources and field trip opportunities. Don’t have this kind of technology yet? You may be missing out on all kinds of fantastic discounts and events!

Tomorrow, we will explore another three trends!

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