High School Homeschool News

Greetings Parents and Students,


I know January 8th seems a way off but it is the start of Report Card Meetings and Home Education reviews. The month of January will be devoted to the completion of those meetings. Please remember that I am only in the office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I am sending this out now so you can start planning when you would like to have the meeting. I also realize that some families have more than one student registered at Phoenix and you might like to plan all your meetings for one day.


Phoenix will be closing for the Winter break on December 21st and reopening on Tuesday, Jan. 8th.


If you are having some trouble figuring out a career path, here are some questions you might want to answer:

• Do you like to work with facts and numbers?
• Do you like to work with concrete items rather than ideas or words?
• Do you want to make a difference in peoples’ lives?
• Do you want to make the world a better place?
• Do you want positive and friendly relationships with co-workers?
• Do you want to learn and develop a wide variety of skills?
• Do you want to use artistic talents?
• Do you want to be in charge?
• Do you want to work in a casual and relaxed atmosphere?
• Do you want to thoroughly enjoy the work you do?

These are interesting questions to answer and discuss. Pursuing one or more can be the beginning of a career path.

Michael Cranley,

Principal and High School Learning Coach

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