More trends that might affect homeschoolers

So here are Trendwatching’s next three hot consumer trends for 2013 and my thoughts on how they may affect your homeschooling journey. The ones we looked at yesterday were:

1. Presumers and Custowners

2. Emerging Squared

3. Mobile Moments

4. New Life Inside: Retailers will be more conscientious about making sure products can be recycled. One new hot idea is to put seeds within paper products so that once they’re used, they can be planted to create new life. Personally I recommend that you look for quality products that will last a very long time rather than things that are consumable. Further, you just never know what’s exactly in the paper products that you’re putting in your ground. I don’t want inks, acids and so on in my garden. But this might be a great way to introduce topics such the role of plants, environmental issues and so on! My advise will be to use selectively!

5. App-scriptions: Doctors and hospitals will help create and approve health apps as part of care. We’re already seeing an app for practically everything… So why not health care! Again personally I prefer to visit a healthcare professional – someone with years of experience in diagnostic practices. But not everyone has easy access to a family doctor these days. So I can see that these apps would be handy as a starting point for things and to use as reference once a diagnosis is given by a doctor.

6. Celebration Nation: New products will have a national and cultural focus. I think this is a great trend that is emerging here… It fits well with Canadian identity – that is one of multiculturalism. I can’t wait to try new products that celebrate the national identity of different countries – providing new tastes, new fabrics and new opportunities. Great opportunity for homeschoolers to expand their tastes and learn more about others.

Next we will chat about the final four trends and how they might impact your homeschool journey.

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