BLOG: A Question from a Reader

Q. I am currently in grade 9. Should I homeschool for grade 10? My grades are not that good and I’m really uncertain as to what I should do.

A. Starting homeschooling at this point in your educational journey is an option, however, there are several things to consider. What are your goals and aspirations after high school? If you were hoping to obtain a high school diploma, doing it by distance-learning or online will not be easy. You need to be an independent learner with strong reading skills for this style of learning.

If you were hoping to get five 30 level courses, which is what most post secondary institutions require for entrance, then homeschooling would allow you to ignore the other diploma requirements and just focus on obtaining the entrance requirements. Being able to focus on just those five required courses and their prerequisites might really allow you to do a good job and to take the time you need to get decent marks.

If you have no intentions of going onto postsecondary education and have no wish to get a diploma, following a home education plan that is designed by you and your parents might really allow you to develop your unique skills and passions.

These are three distinct choices, each with pros and cons. It’s probably best to discuss these options with your parents and a guidance counselor or someone from a homeschooling organization with knowledge in this area.

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