PATS – Nasty but Necessary!

Greetings Parents,

On May 13, 2013, we will be starting this year’s schedule of Provincial Achievement tests.  Last year, we saw a significant increase in the participation of Phoenix students.  We provided a lot of information for parents as well as sample tests and questions.  We will do the same this year with the hopes for another significant increase.

Listen to Michael’s message about the PATS here!

Please keep in mind the following information regarding Provincial Achievement Tests:

  • All school-directed students in Grades 3, 6,  and 9 are expected to write the PATs
  • Students are not held back because they do not do well on the tests
  • Phoenix provides test preparation classes (April 30, May 2,7,9) and an information session (April 16)
  • PATs provide great experience with structured exam setting (Diploma exams, College entrance, etc.)
  • Due our smaller numbers, our PAT sessions are less stressful
  • Practice tests are available
  • PAT results help Learning Coaches to plan an effective program for students

For more information regarding PATs consult the March Program Guide or go to

As one parent described the PAT process, “it is just another task that students have to complete”.



Michael Cranley

phoenix Principal

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