BLOG: Homeschooling and Travel

Another question from a reader!

Q. Is it possible to homeschool and travel? Our family would like to travel abroad for an extended period of time am I still able to homeschool my children?

A. Most certainly! This is one of the primary reasons many families choose to homeschool. It allows great flexibility and lets you to take advantage of the wonderful learning opportunities you will encounter on your journey. Several things are important, however, if this is something you are planning to do in the near future. Please book an appointment with a Learning Coach to discuss these things in detail but the basics are outlined below.

First, the deadline for enrolling with a school in the province of Alberta is September 30 of each year. In order to receive funding and support, you must maintain a residence in the province and be registered by that date.

Next, it is critical that you discuss with your learning coach or teacher how it is that you will stay in touch, communicate regularly and submit work samples. Once you’ve discussed your goals and created an education plan, then the rest is easy.

You’ll need to decide on what resources you are taking with you. This is important because you may not be able to get books and materials that suit your children’s needs and learning styles in other places around the world.

Once you have started traveling, it will be important to stay in touch with your Learning Coach. We will be very excited to follow your progress on your journey. Happy learning and happy travels!

Written by Diana Stinn while in Victoria, BC traveling with her family!


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