BLOG: Working at Phoenix is Fun!

Today we are having a moving staff meeting – what? Well, our administrator created stations around the centre with things we needed to learn or do. Working as a group we needed to complete 13 tasks. What a crazy, exciting staff meetings can be here at Phoenix.

The kids made us delicious and beautiful cupcakes to keep our strength up. IMG_0540 IMG_0542


One of our tasks is to say a quick blog hello!:

This is Amy, Deanne, Sheryl and Randy: We are excited for the upcoming theme here at Phoenix and looking forward to getting into the creation studio with our kids! Its going to be fun!!!

This is Kim , Christina, and Jill…..doing things our own way ,outside of the box!

Michael, Shelley, Delilla – Staff, please do not forget about the following important items – Home School Helper, July Casino, Secret Friend, and the workshop about Gifted Students on March 14

This is Jolene, Sandie and Axis – hoping for Spring weather like the Groundhog promised us so we can find the real bugs.

M.J., Zara, Jennifer- This is our second poster….and we are coming out on TOP!!!

Never a dull moment. This morning I participated in the Evergreen Theatre presentation “Bugged”. Who else gets to sing and dance with their kids everyday at work??!! Katie, Karen and Sherry


Just a follow-up to our day here at Phoenix….and how working here is fun…and it is :-). I wanted to share a little video of two of our amazing staff who, when a need arose, so did they….right up on stage with Evergreen Theater and their presentation of “Bugged”! Yes indeed, Katie F. and Kali D. slipped into their bee costumes and boogied their bee-hinds up on stage for the kids!! You guys ROCK!!

So with no further delay I offer you…….

As you can see, we have a lot of fun here!!

We are here for YOU!

The Staff of Phoenix 🙂

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