Coming Up: Homeschooling – Free Range Learning

Welcome to another episode of our podcast. This short clip is a personal invitation to join Jill and I for a series of chats will be hosting on our SQUAWK CAST about a book called “Free Range Learning” by Laura Weldon. Whether you are homeschooling or supplementing a public education, all parents will find this an interesting read!

Not sure if this book is for you, no time to read . . . Well then grab a coffee and listen into our discussion. Every other week, Jill and I will cover a section of the book and host a lively discussion about it. The formats will vary in length and content but you can sure it will be light, full of stories and relevant to your educational journey. We hope to have a few special guests who can really make it meaningful for you!

Never listened to a SQUAWK CAST . . . Check out our past episodes here at SQUAWK.

PS – A big thank you to AISCA and Alberta Education for making this possible!

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