3 Years of iPads and Homeschooling

Can you believe it has been three years since we first purchased this magical device? I remember standing in line everywhere trying to get enough devices for our community school, the Phoenix Foundation and some of our pioneering parents who were interested in trying an ipad! There was a limit on how many devices a single person could buy at a time, so I literally had to go to a dozen places and buy two at a time. Took quite awhile – we bought twenty for Phoenix kids to use at the school, 12 for staff and approximately 12 for parents!


I remember being at coffee shops and having people ask me what I what it was. My kids would groan because I would start a tutorial right then and there! That’s the teacher in me! I loved my iPad! And loved showing it off! So much so that Jill Mann, Phoenix’s co-founder and I started teaching people how to use them by hosting workshops! We showed fellow homeschoolers how to incorporate them into their educational journey. We went to schools and taught teachers how to use them in their classrooms. We were asked by different non-profits organizations to show them how the ipad might bridge the disability gap and finally we held workshops at the Centre for business people. We probably started several hundred people on their own iPad adventure! (I think we should have bought shares!)

Not TeachingAnymore

But we haven’t taught any workshops for over a year . . . Why? Its not because the device has fallen into disuse and obscurity but rather the opposite . . . Now it is ubiquitous and everyone takes its presence for granted!

Culture Change

I see it everywhere now! And it didn’t just change the tec industry, it changed us! It is a constant companion – we use it in the kitchen to explore new recipes, track our calories and encourage us to exercise. We read the newspaper on it, follow blogs and update Facebook accounts. We have purchased books, magazines and downloaded tv episodes on it. We play games on it, look up information and cruise Pinterest. We pack it in our purses and portfolios, pulling it out at meetings and classes. We create movies and recordings of events to share with others and so much more! It is a part of every learning experience!

Honestly, not sure what we ever did without it! So here is to the iPad! Happy 3rd birthday!


  1. I concur, the Ipad has changed the way we home school. And I had to smile the other day when we were at the center and 3 boys (one being mine) each having their own Ipad were “collaborating” with each each other, learning at it’s finest : )

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