Program Guide for 2013-2014

We did it!

We got the whole year’s worth of programming done! And it is only June!! Yahoo!! Parents, this should allow you to effectively plan your year. The WHOLE YEAR!!! Please remember, it is still a draft and we will have some editing to do on it. (If you find errors, please let us know!! Hey, we’re not perfect! I know that surprises you . . . but we’re homeschoolers too!)

What an amazing Line up!

Take a look at all the great classes, workshops and more that we have planned. Our themes for this year are:

  • Rainforests – with frogs, monkeys and more
  • Heroes and Villains – featuring real-life heroes and pretend ones too!
  • Ancient China – from rice to the great wall (also built with rice – did you know that?)
  • India – the sights, sounds and smells
  • Egypt in Africa – past and present!

We are going to blow your mind!

Our classes include EVERYTHING your child will need to have an amazing learning experience. We buys thousands of dollars ( And I do mean thousands!!) of clay, paint, glue, paper and more. High quality supplies make learn real and messy!

Join us!

We are accepting students in a grades 1-9. Kids who love to learn and explore. Check out our cool creation studio, where learning comes alive for our grades 1-6 kids and the huge selection of hands-on courses for our teens! They cook, sew, crave, create and more!! Please see our Junior High Program Guide for information about the classes we are offering for this level! (We got this guide done for the year too!!! Man, we rock!! Toot, toot! We will post this soon!!)

Cover 2013-2014 PROGRAM GUIDE SEPT 2013Draft


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