Phoenix Gets a New Database

We are very excited to announce that after 3 months of testing numerous databases, we have decided to go with SUMAC!

With Sumac, we will be able to better manage the service we provide to families and their students. It will allow us to:

  • Keep track of the classes your child takes;
  • Register you for parent workshops;
  • Communicate more effectively;
  • Record any donations you make to the Foundation;
  • Remind you of events;
  • Schedule appointments;
  • And so much more!

We would like to thank SUMAC for working with us on the set of our new database. As you can image, it is huge project – just imputing the hundreds of classes, their titles, start and end times, fees and descriptions will take many, may hours.

Then we will have to set up user accounts for our staff and train all 20 of them!

The cool part about this database, is that someday we will be able to take it to the web! That’s right! when we do, it means you will be able to access your account too! But until then . . . I know what we will be doing this summer . . .helping families like you get set up to homeschool and entering their contact information into our NEW database!!

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