It’s official, the Rain-forest Theme is ready to fly for Sept 2013!!

It’s official, the Rain-forest Theme is ready to fly for Sept 2013!!

We are going to have some amazing classes for the start of the new school year and families are already getting their class registrations in, so be sure to check out the Program Guide for what your kiddlets may enjoy, and register soon.  Can you believe it, the WHOLE YEAR is already written up in the new Program Guide, you can find the link on the side-bar!

You will discover we have split our 3000sq ft Creation Studio into two main areas with several smaller areas that you can explore, the first area you walk into is the Temperate Rain-forest, such as you may see in Canada’s beautiful West Coast of BC.  The next area is the Tropical Rain-forest that you may see in the Amazon. The areas are full top to bottom with critters and plants!


Your ChopShop Monkeys have outdone themselves this time, perhaps with all the monkeys hanging out in the Creation Studio they felt it was a family reunion, so they added extra love to this one! I am not certain how many monkeys are swinging around in that room, I never did a final count. IMG_0794

Perhaps have some fun with your kids and see how many monkeys and frogs you can find! 136

How many sections did it take to create a 30 foot long Python? Yup! You read that right….30 foot long python!!!127125

In our Temperate Rainforest you will find Bears fishing in some rapids, and lumbering along the river.  114152The kids will enjoy many classes in the Longhouse listening to and creating stories.  They can sit surrounded by tall trees as the Bald Eagle soars overhead. 154There is beautiful artwork on drums and gorgeous hand carved totem poles.122115120

Keep your eyes pealed for some other shy critters lurking about the Creation Studio.


We hope you enjoy Phoenix’s 1st Theme of the 2013-14 school year and have more fun than a barrel full of monkeys!151

So with this final post of the past school year, and with excitement of looking forward to the next school year….your monkeys have run,  chittering and shrieking with glee, out of the building and off to enjoy their summer break! See ya in September!!

Your fun and sun loving monkeys wish you all a happy summer!

Jill, Karen, Axis and Jenn


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