Global News Talks About Homeschooling

Guess who showed up on our door step this afternoon . . . why Global News! They wanted to talk about the impact the budget will have on classroom size and homeschooling. Public boards are expecting that the average high school class will have about 40-50 kids in it! Yikes.

Global van 2013


Personally, I think the budget cuts will impact all students BUT the hardest hit:

  • the shy, quiet learner
  • Specialized education – private schools were hit with a 10-16% cut. Some of our most talented and challenged students are served by this sector.

Teachers will have more work to mark and less time for individuals! As a result, we will see more kids choosing homeschooling because it better meets their needs. Hey, that’s ok with us! We tend to think homeschooling is great!

School ain’t Cool

Homeschooling is the fastest growing educational trend in North America. It is a wonderful option for the thoughtful, independent learner! It also allows families to decrease negative peer pressure and enhance the environment their children learn in.

Check us out!

Calgary has a ton of great homeschooling resources and supports. Phoenix offers a variety of educational programs, hundreds of classes, one-on-one educational coaching, field-trips and soooo much more!

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On the News!

We will be on the news this evening at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 PM – Why not tune in?


One comment

  • It was fun seeing how they set things up, and I thought it was very cute when they seemed confused and flattered that we wanted to take their picture!

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