Sick ? Staying Home No Problem for Homeschoolers!

It is that time of year again when we start to see more kids with cold, sniffles and other illnesses.

***WHAT TO DO?***
1. Please keep sick children home and please call us to let us know they will be away.
2. If the illness is communicable, please advise us so we can let others know.

Here is our Health Policy. If you have questions, please let us know!


  •    Employees will report suspected outbeaks of disease to Administration immediately.
  •    Parents of children with suspected outbreaks will be asked to remove the child from the premises immediately.
  •    Reports of outbreaks of disease will be made to the local Calgary Health Authority.


  •    Working with Public Health Inspectors, Phoenix will ensure adequate procedures and inspections for keeping the school equipment, bathrooms and gymnasium sanitary.
  •    Staff will communicate to students, ways for careful and frequent hand washing and provide clean eating surfaces.


  •    Outbreak management procedures include:
    •     Notifying the Calgary Health Authority at (403) 944-7075
    •     Removal of child from premises ASAP
  •    Parents will be encouraged to notify Phoenix of their child’s/children’s illnesses.
  •    A notice will be sent to all parents of children attending Phoenix classes when an outbreak of a disesase occurs.
  •    Phoenix will work with Public Health officials with respect to follow-up actions related to communicable diseases.


  •    School personnel shall cooperate with public health officials and other groups in provision of health services such as testing and health education programming.
  •    School personnel shall be aware that they are not allowed to give consent for any medical treatment on behalf of a parent.
  •    Employees shall not provide students with any non-prescription medication (aspirins, etc).
  •    Administration will ensure that all staff are advised of student medical conditions and suspected outbreaks of disease.
  •    Staff will familiarize themselves with this policy.


  •    Parents will be encouraged to notify Phoenix of their child’s/children’s illnesses.
  •    Each year parents shall complete a form listing the medical conditions of their children (allergies, physical conditions, or physical differences etc) so that staff are aware of problems and can take    appropriate action to protect the child.
  •    Parents shall inform the school staff of special medical conditions of their child(ren) and appropriate actions requires for the safety of their child(ren).

Thanks for your cooperation and SAFE HEALTHY!!

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