Homeschooling through the Holidays

So what did you do for the holidays? Was it an educational experience? (Watching your extended family  interact is undoubtedly an “education” but not quite what I had in mind!)

The holiday season around our house is always full of learning. (There we go again, referencing the in-laws!) In fact, I would say it is our most productive time.

You mean you didn’t lie around in your jammies (Don’t most homeschoolers??), eat tons of yummy food and be generally act sloth-like?

Well, I will admit that we did a little of that too (far more than normal, if the truth be told) but for the most part we played some new board games, read several books, wrote blogs posts, answered emails, cleaned out cupboards, sorted paperwork, met with a ton of friends, tried out several new recipes, watched a few bad movies and yes, did schoolwork.

Right now, we’re all sitting at the kitchen table. Dad has downloaded a new flight Sim game. He’d love to have his pilots license someday! So this is the closest thing to it at the moment.

Daughter is working on her math homework trying very hard to get through the next course. She’s hoping to enroll in some post-secondary courses next year. ( I know she is only 15 but I can’t argue with her logic on this and it sure is motivating her to push ahead! But that’s a topic for another post!)

And me – well, I’m working on this blog post, of course.

Is the house tidy?  Heck no… There’s the remnants of Christmas scattered all over the place. But it is a well lived in home and we are enjoying our time together as a family.

Do you take a break from homeschooling or carry on?

I guess whether you take a break or carry-on homeschooling through the holidays will depend on how homeschooling fits into your life. For us, it is a part of our life, so really the holidays are no different than any other day. (Ok – we eat more!!) Every day for us is an educational adventure.

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