Refreshed and Re-Opened! Jan. 7, 2014

Hello Gang,

Phoenix will re-open on January 7, 2014 with a fresh new look! (What? You crazy people were in over the holidays working? You betcha!)

The gym has been painted floor to ceiling and looks bright and clean. Boards were added on the west end to protect the wall and deaden the sound in the room beside it. Plus that clever Jill Mann painted a new colorful mural in there. (Looks great,  Jill!)

Gym Mural 2013 Winter Break

  • Sandie and Sherry painted the Firebird Library floor – it shines! And cleaned out the reading shelves.
  • The Stinn/ Davidson clan painted the Instructors Den – wow!
  • Sandie and Megan touched up the doors and walls – sweet!
  • The Mann family put up the superheros and villains in the art room! – POW!  And put up the cityscape in the library!
  • And we bought two new big, comfy chairs! – yahoo
  • Miss Shelley set up the Kindergarten Room – nice!
  • Everyone cleaned and tidied so the place looks pretty good and we are ready to start again – refreshed and renewed!

Camps start on January 7 at 10:00 AM – See you then!

And thank you to all the staff who came in over the holidays!

You make Phoenix a great place to learn and be!


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