SOLE Project for Homeschoolers

We found out about SOLE – self-organized Learning Environment from the TED website and thought it was a natural fit for homeschoolers. We think you will too!

Here’s our SOLE project:

We hope you will stop by the Firebird Library and check it out. Try a question or two!

Phoenix SOLE Project
Phoenix SOLE Project

Where did the idea come from?

Winner Of the TED Prize 2013 – SUGATA MITRA – According to the Huffington Post, “This journey, for me, began back in 1999, when I conducted an experiment called the “hole in the wall.” By installing Internet-equipped computers in poor Indian villages and then watching how children interacted with them, unmediated, I first glimpsed the power of the cloud. Groups of street children learned to use computers and the Internet by themselves, with little or no knowledge of English and never having seen a computer before. Then they started instinctually teaching one another. In the next five years, through many experiments, I learned just how powerful adults can be when they give small groups of children the tools and the agency to guide their own learning and then get out of the way.”

Here’s how it works:

  1. Read the question.
  2. Use the laptop to research it.
  3. Use the paper to record your answer.
  4. Check back next week to see if you were right.
  5. Share what you learn!

Want to find out more about SOLE – Download the toolkit here.


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