Expanding Science 10 at Home

Science 10-1 is a rather nasty combination of chemistry, physics, biology and weather. To expand the chemistry unit, we decided to make soap.

We made three batches.

The first one, we followed the recipe below and directions. It turned out well – smooth, creamy and well mixed. Check out the video below on making soap using the cold process method. It is easy as long as you take some basic safety precautions.

Video – how to make soap from the crafty Gemini

Feeling brave, the next batch we decided to experiment a little and added some cinnamon. This produced a creamy dark-colored batch.

For the last batch, we created our own recipe using a lye calculator. We combined coconut oil, olive oil and lye. The batch was too hot! The temperature was too high. We were impatient! The soap mixture seize in the pot, separated into a greasy mess and was a complete disaster!

But it was a great experiment! We learned a lot by chatting about what went wrong! And why!

Chemistry at home can so interesting, fun and useful too! Well . . . Except maybe the last batch! 🙂

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