Homeschooling: Get Started

Getting started homeschooling is easy . . . it starts with the internet.

Do a bit of research – The internet is a great place to start. Just type “home schooling” into your favorite search engine and see what you get. Remember to look at information that pertains to your own province or state, as the rules, requirements and resources differs from region to region.

Decide whether or not a home-based program is right for you and your child – Think about your child’s interests and needs, your values, the amount of time you have available and why you want to homeschool. There are lots of reasons why families choose this path. It might be to instill strong family values and morals, high academic standards, to help child be successful and so on.

Choose a program: home education, school-directed, blended or kindergarten – These are your options in Alberta. School authorities use different terms to catch your attention. Be sure that you register with an accredited authority. There are businesses out there that “pretend’ to be school boards but they are NOT. And if you have problems, it can come as a real surprise when you find out that they are not a school but rather just contracting through a school.

Fill out either a government notification form if you are choosing a home education or an application form for school-directed, blended or kindergarten. Submit it along with a birth certificate and the registration fee.

If you have chosen a home education program, create an education plan for your child listing outcomes, activities, resources and evaluations. Need help with this? No worries, give us a shout. We can help! Remember, that you can use any curriculum (you do not have to use the Alberta curriculum) and any resources that support your plan.

If you have chosen a school-directed program, you will be contacted by your certificated teacher (Learning Coach). Together you will design an individual achievement plan. This may involve some diagnostic testing to determine working levels in language arts and math. Your Coach will help you pick resources that cover the Alberta programs of study. We will also give you checklists, a handbook, reimbursement forms and more.

Purchase resources for your plan and register for Phoenix classes – Be sure to ask when our shopping date is. We all head to KidSource, they close the store to the general public and then we help you shop! It is a lot of fun and we even do a squawkcast from that location in case you miss it!

Join our yahoo group and the website so that you get updates and info! This is critical! You need to join these groups so that you get the latest information on our classes, activities and any changes from the Alberta government.

Start learning! Homeschooling is a journey! It begins with the first step!


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