Homeschoolers Celebrate!

Together we celebrated surviving another year!

YE 4

Before we began the event, kids had a chance to win some prizes in the gym, try their hand at paint a big group art project and see some science fair projects.

Miss Kim welcomed families and asked Josh Traptow to be our MC.

YE 5

Josh gave opening remarks from our Board of Directors.He then called the kinder kids to come to the front. They gave a short presentation.

The Wilburn family handed out a little jar of jam as a parting gift to all the kinder kids!


Then Miss Kim recognized our graduating students. Next we called up our award winners. Congratulations to the following:

  • Venley Con Literacy Award – Blaise Robichaud
  • Michael Batas Environmental Stewardship Award – Julianna Pringle
  • Act of Kindness Award – Leo Barteaux


Then we thanked our board, staff and volunteers including our teen mentors. Lastly, Jill and Diana, our Founders, wrapped it up!




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