Homeschooling over the Summer

Some people quit at the end of June. Why? To me, homeschooling is a lifestyle and so we have homeschooled every summer! I think that homeschooling only 10 months of the year suggests to children that learning only occurs at certain times and places. And we all know that that’s just not true.

Besides, summer is a wonderful time to take advantage of many opportunities that are not available at other times of the year. For example:

  • Dads usually have vacation time which means the family can get outside and do things that they might not have done otherwise like take an evening stroll through the zoo. (Check out our zoo –
  • The weather is usually better which means taking learning outside. (Typing this on the deck after dinner!)
  • There are opportunities to travel to exotic destinations such as Grandma’s farm, other provinces or off the continent. There are museums, art galleries and so much more to explore! (Check out our museum –
  • Plus homeschool kids can take advantage of summer camps. Yes, I think it’s a great idea that homeschool kids participate in summer camps! Many post secondary organizations offer great camps. This is a wonderful way for homeschool kids ( any kid) to become familiar with the campus and a more structured learning style. Attending a post secondary institution as a young adult just doesn’t seem as scary after having gone to camp there. (Check out SAIT –

Finally, I think it’s also important that you keep your regular routine. (Some minor adjusts for weather, more sunlight and so on) Children need to complete their usual chores such as looking after the pets, making their bed and cleaning up. They need to learn that those things continue even if it’s summer. (The pets get awfully thin otherwise!)

Learning takes place all the time and those moments should be missed just because it’s summer.


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