TEA with Phoenix

At our last admin meeting, we talked about how we could enhance people’s initial experience at Phoenix. You see, we are all homeschoolers and we remembered what it was like to make the decision to homeschool. We were terrified! And we bet that some of you feel that way too.

Someone suggested that tea was their Grandma’s solution to every stressful situation. We laughed and recalled the many times we had each been soothed by a simple cup of tea. So we decided that this year, we would offer every family that came in for a meeting some warm tea and cookies.

Turns out there was also science behind our decision.

I am currently reading a book called ” Sensation – the New Science of Physical Intelligence” by Thalma Lobel. I was drawn to the book because so many families who decide to homeschool have kids with sensory issues.

It turns out, the opening chapter is all about tea . . . well, sort of.

” In 2008, at Yale University, a student named Laurence Williams and his well-known professor John Bargh recruited forty-one students for a psychology study.” The participants were handed either hot or iced coffee to hold before they completed a task. The task was to read a description of someone and characterize them. The people holding the warm coffee were more likely to see the description in a positive manner than the iced coffee holders.

This first experiment kicked off a string other experiments over the years and all confirmed the same thing – that your physical sensations have influence over your mental states and behavior.

So when we offer you tea this year, know that we are trying to influence your experience. We want to make it pleasant – full of warmth, guidance and loads of caring!

We are open August 11, 2014 at 9:00 AM until Oct 21 (Fall break) to help and assist you. Give us a call (403-265-7701) or pop by for . . . TEA! 😉


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