Everybody . . . 

A couple of days ago a friend of the Phoenix Foundation posted an interesting article about the concept of everybody

The idea was that everybody no longer exists. 

Basically the gist was that in the past people could use the term everybody without actually providing any data to support their claims. For example, everybody is wearing a bikini at the beach or everybody homeschools.  (Check out Bob McInnes’ article at http://makeityourproblem.com/2015/02/28/jigsaw-puzzle/)

I’m not sure that everybody actually ever existed. 

But as was pointed out by our clever friend, in the past there was no way to prove otherwise. 

Now we know that people are different. And we have access to all kinds of databases and information. All kinds of trends exist and the Internet has allowed us to tap into the power of people – all kinds of different people.

So celebrate diversity, my friends. It is wonderful to be different, unique and special. 

After all, who wants to be just like … everybody!

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