Open House Dates 2015-2016

Come find out more about home schooling at Phoenix!

ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL – That’s what makes homeschooling sooooo special!


Interested in Home Schooling? Explore the best options for your children! Come to our Info Session and discover how you can equip your children for success. Find out what home schooling is like and how it can enhance your kids’ future. Meet our Learning Coaches, instructors and tour the most unique learning environment in Calgary. These sessions are aimed at grades 1-12 children.

SPRING                                                           FALL

April 8 – 7:00 PM (Wed)                                  August 12 – 1:00 PM (Wed)

May 5 – 10:30 AM (Tues)                               August 20 – 9:30 AM (Thurs)

May 21 – 5:00 PM (Thurs)                              September 2 – 6:00 PM (Wed)

June 5 – 10:00 AM (Fri)                                  September 12 – 10:00 AM (Sat)

June 16 – 1:00 PM (Tues)                              September 26 – 10:00 AM (Sat)


We offer a unique Kinder Program designed specifically for families who intend to home educate their family. Students who are least 4 years and 6 months old by September 1st of each year and who are registered with Phoenix by September 30 of each year qualify for Kinder Kash [Transportation Grant] and do not have to pay for basic Kinder classes (475 hours for FREE). Kinder classes run Tuesdays and Thursdays -(9:00 AM – 3:00 PM)  Plus some Wednesdays for field-trips and some Fridays for parties. Regular attendance is expected. Come find out more.

May 21 – 5:00 PM (Thurs)

June 16 – 1:00 PM (Tues)

August 26 – 1:00 PM (Wed)

Sept. 2 – 1:00 PM (Wed)

Author: Diana Stinn

Co-Founder of Phoenix

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