Phoenix Reimbursements and More!

Happy Spring from Team Kali and Katie (aka the Finance and Student Accounts Gals…)

By now, everyone should have received an email from Kali with your Student Statement. We wanted to pass on a few reminders about MONEY so that we can wrap up your funding and, hopefully, start your summer holidays off with a little spending money…or maybe just a well earned pedicure for mom…


  • You MUST have your final meeting with your Learning Coach before we can process any Receipt Reimbursements. Once your Learning Coach is satisfied with your year-end paperwork, they give Katie the green light to process your reimbursements.


  • If you turned in receipts earlier in the year and these claims have either: not been paid out, or a portion has been paid out:
    • The outstanding claim amounts are NOT reflected on your statement. If you have an outstanding claim, ADD it to the “Charges” total.
    • All of the outstanding claims have been turned back to the Learning Coaches for final approval. The Finance Office does not have a copy of your outstanding claim…so…sorry, we don’t know how much you have available.
    • When you turned in your receipts, you should have kept your copy of the form. Also, when Katie reimbursed you (or carried over your claim), she sent out an email indicating how much was paid out and how much was still outstanding. Hopefully in your spring cleaning, this paperwork will turn up!!
    • You must use the proper form. It is on the website, at the Front Desk, and copies were included in your Student Binder.


  • If you have any of our resources that need to be returned….mostly textbooks and Jr. High Crates, remember that there is a refund for these items.
    • The refund amount is NOT reflected on your statements. If you are returning these items, be sure to DEDUCT the refund from the “Charges” total and turn in enough receipts to make up the difference.


  • I know that our statements can be difficult to read. Sorry – we are stuck with them.
  • “Charges” are things that consume your funding …classes, fieldtrips, receipt reimbursements…
  • “Payments” are money put into your account – your funding allotment, any payments you have made…
  • If your “Balance Owed” is negative, ie -600.00, it means we owe you money; so, you have funding left to spend. If it is a positive number, you have consumed too many awesome classes and resources, and….you owe us the “Balance Owed”.

EVERYTHING must be at the school by JUNE 15.

Author: Diana Stinn

Co-Founder of Phoenix

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