Updates and Enrollments

Happy News!

Our new NDP government decided recently to reverse funding cuts for next year and to fund enrollment growth for all schools. This is great news for many school across the province and very good news for Phoenix!

We are grateful for the government’s recognition that independent schools are an equal partner in Alberta’s education community and deserving of increased enrollment and operational funding.

This increase in funding will help ensure that Alberta’s independent schools are able to continue to deliver outstanding and unique educational programming to a diverse array of students.

Its Not Too Late!

As of last week we were basically full. So the announcement that they would fund enrollment growth has allowed us to think about taking few more kids. After careful consideration and a review of our staffing levels for next year, we have decided that we can indeed open a few more spots:

  • 15 HOME EDUCATION spots
  • 15 More SCHOOL-DIRECTED spots

If you are interested in registering with Phoenix, taking some wicked classes in our Creation Studio, going on some of the awesome field trips we offer, participating in  a clever parent workshop . . . then you’ll want to get your student registration in soon.

Author: Diana Stinn

Co-Founder of Phoenix

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