ABCs of Homeschooling

This year we have lots of new homeschooling families here at the Phoenix Foundation. Over the next few posts, we will explore the ABC’s of homeschooling. 

A is for anxiety

I think that there is a lot of anxiety around the decision to homeschool. All parents want the best for their children and we worry that by homeschooling they may miss out on something or be harmed in someway.

B is for basics

All homeschoolers need to know their rights and responsibilities. It is important to understand the legislation regarding homeschooling in your province. Learn the terminology and check out some homeschooling philosophies. There’s lots of great books out there on homeschooling. 

C is for children

Homeschooling provides a unique opportunity for kids to explore their passions, to learn from many different people (books, resource, locations, places and spaces) and to make a solid link between what they learn and the real world. 

D is for don’t believe the stereotype

Homeschooling and the families that do it come in all shapes and sizes. The media often portrays homeschooling families as strange or unusual. But this isn’t so! Homeschooling families are just like everyone else except for the fact they spend a lot of time together, love learning and are prepared to do whatever they need to to ensure the kids are successful.

E is for evidence

How do you know your kids are learning? Make sure you keep a journal that documents activities and resources, take advantage of diagnostic testing from time to time, use age appropriate bench marks to gage their progress. Knowing for sure that they are learning will also help alleviate some of the anxiety we feel as homeschooling parents.

Next post will explore The letters F to K. (Failure, goals, home, innovation, jump, know thyself )

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