Polynesia Theme Classes Open Sept 15!!!

We are so excited here at Phoenix for the new school year to start!  We have enjoyed seeing a few of you popping in for meetings and such over the summer, and are looking forward to our big day of Workshops on Friday September 11 be sure to check your program guide [pg 26] and register for the workshops you want to attend :-).

Classes start up for the kids Tuesday September 15 in the Studio…the theme is Polynesia!! Check out your Program Guide and get your registration in asap! Did you know we have the Program Guide COMPLETED for the entire year!!!

🙂 As some of you may have noticed we have been having email issues the last week, we now have 2 emails running temporarily… info@phoenixfoundation.ca and frontdesk@phoenixfoundation.ca ….you can always drop by tue-fri 9-4 as well as call 403-265-7701  … Our server is having some issues and we are working hard to get it all straightened out, crazy days build character ;-). 

Yup, all 5 themes:

1. Polynesia

2. Roman Empire

3. Australia

4. Ends of the Earth

5. Dr Seuss

Here is a sneak peek at our first theme of the year….POLYNESIA!

See ya at the Beach!!

Jill and Phoenix Gang 🙂


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