How important is cultural diversity in your homeschool program?

The Phoenix Foundation is a private non-profit secular Alberta school that supports homebased education. Our mission is to provide unique learning opportunities for families so that each young person may develop into a life-long learner and active responsible global citizen.

Yup! That’s right . . . We celebrate cultural diversity here! Why? Well research has shown that attending programming with a diverse student group has many benefits and one of them is that it helps prepare your child for citizenship in a multicultural democracy.

“There is a richness that comes from students working side by side with others who are not of the same cookie-cutter mold,” notes Jean Snell, clinical professor of teacher education at the University of Maryland.

Mutual respect is key!

Phoenix tries hard to create an environment where people respect the opinions of others and are open to multiple perspectives on any issue. We believe that people should travel, read widely and they should participate in local adventures. There are many ways to get to know people of other cultural backgrounds. That is one reason why we pick 5 different themes or cultures to explore each year.

3 Ways to Explore Diversity at Home

  1. Calgary has a wide variety of cultural fairs, why not attend a few?
  2. Go to the library and select a wide range of resources. It doesn’t cost you anything unless you are late bringing them back!
  3. Encourage diversity – try a new restaurant. Meet your neighbor. Celebrate a new holiday.

Is it worth it?

As student, Sarah T., Missouri City, TX points out in her article The Importance and Benefits of Diversity . . . “Diversity can create curiosity. By being exposed to different people and cultures, a student may want to learn more about a particular group which can give them insight into how and why things work as they do and possibly a way to change them for the better.”

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