Upcoming Things at Phoenix!

Upcoming things! @ Phoenix
(1) Feast on Friday! A reminder to all who registered for this delicious event, that it starts at noon! We will have some crafts first, call everyone into the studio, have lunch, Hawaiian music and songs, followed by some games in the gym.

(2) We are closed for a week – Phoenix will be closed from Oct 20-23 for Fall Break – calendar
(3) Camps – When we return, we will start Fall Camps (Printing Practice, Canada’s Dynamic Communities: Hutterites, Alberta: Sense of the Land, Cursive Writing, My World: Home, School and Community, India, Geography of Canada and Citizens Participate)

See page 40 of the guide for more info! Camps start at 10:00 (or 12:30) and run for two hours each over two weeks!

Register now: frontdesk@phoenixfoundation.ca

or download a guide here: https://phoenixnestnews.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/program-guide-2015-2016.pdf

(4) Halloween Party – Oct 30 – $7.00 each child. Crafts, cookies, creepy fun!   Register now: frontdesk@phoenixfoundation.ca

(5) Adult Workshop: Social Media and Kids – Wednesday Oct 28 at 10:00 AM – $25.00 – Learn about the various kinds of media the kids are using, safety parameters, discuss the effects of social media both positive and negative!  Register now: frontdesk@phoenixfoundation.ca

Register now: frontdesk@phoenixfoundation.ca   or call 403-265-7701

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