AHEA Keynote Speakers Not Representative of All Alberta Homeschoolers

Calgary, Alberta – Home schooling in Alberta has been a choice of parents for many decades and it has been utilized by thousands of families in educating tens of thousands of kids. There are many demonstrated success stories of Alberta children achieving academic and professional success. Many students who pursue semi-professional sports, dance, music, fine arts and more are homeschooling.

The majority of homeschooling families today are taking home-based programs through such programs as on-line, blended or school-directed learning. These programs follow the Alberta curriculum. Further, schools supply oversight, assistance with resources and support to these students and their families.Diana Stinn, Founder and Administrator of the Phoenix Foundation, a non-profit independent school that serves approximately 300 children and their families, states ” . . . home schooling is about finding what works best for each child and ensuring they are supported and grow into lifelong learners. This is the focus of most home schooling parents.”

Homeschooling programs are offered by public, separate and private schools across the province and have a minimum level of supervision as legislated by Alberta Education, many deliver much more than that minimum. For more information about Home Education (a parent-directed program), see the Home Education Regulation. All other forms (school-directed, on-line, blended) are governed by the School Act.

“It is unfortunately that a group of people are tarnished with such a negative brush because of the actions of one family or organization. People need to meet some of the thousands of families that are successfully educating their children in home schooling programs.” said Diana Stinn.

The Phoenix Foundation and our colleagues in education work hard in the best interests of the children we serve and our very proud of our work.

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