Homeschoolers A-BUZZZZ

Today we had a very special guest from A.B.C. We learned about what it is like to be a  “real-life beekeeper” . We shared information on honeybees, bumblebees, and solitary bees. With exciting games and great photos and props. We saw specimen cases, honey samples, and photo albums with pictures of beekeepers and honeybees working!

We used some of the outcomes from the Needs of Plants and Animals and Lifecycles curriculum to look into the world of bees. The presentation covered topics such as:

  • Pollen and pollination
  • What a pollinator is and what they have in common
  • Role of the pollinator in the food web
  • Lifecycles of bumblebees, solitary bees, and honeybees and how to identify/differntiate between them
  • Primary presentation on honeybee lifecycles (from egg to mature bee, what are their tasks and responsibilities to the hive?)
  • Seasonal behaviours
  • Environmental impacts on honeybees: monocropping, pesticides and herbicides, disease
  • How the children can help the bees survive

We had a very BUZZ-Y morning!


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