Black (Friday) is the new Orange!

So . . . there were a lot of boots here this week. Big boots, little boots! So many boots that at one point they were all piled in a heap at the front door. The heap was soooooo big that we could hardly open the door! So we thought we would go to IKEA on Black Friday and see what we could buy to solve the problem.

Black (Friday) is the new Orange!


At first, we bought some bins! Almost 80 to be precise. (There aren’t many left if you go to buy one tonight – sorry!)

Then we decided we needed some shelves to put them on. Soooooooooo, hundreds of pounds and one truckload later, we hauled our new shelves down Deerfoot back to Phoenix.

There an all-female team of handy persons (yes, we are) spent several hours assembling them! (Thank you Ash, Jill, Sherry and Diana. You rock!)



Here we are building shelves.

IMG_8989 IMG_8988

Some of the fellows looked on while we worked! (Mike, Barry, Guy and John!)

Finally the shelves were ready! We added alllllll the bins and now it looks so bright and beautiful.




Here’s how they work:

  1. One bin per family.
  2. If you want to be able to leave stuff in a bin, you need to buy it. The cost is $5.00 and Ms. Sherry will put your name on it. Otherwise, anything that is left at the end of the day will be put in the lost & found. That way, all unassigned bins are free for use for families the next day.


Well . . . that is the end of our tale. It’s BIN real! Have a great and wonderful weekend and we will see many of you on Tuesday!

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