Follow Up from Alberta Education

Thank you from Phoenix!

On behalf of all the families, students, staff and board, I would like to thank all of you who came out to Phoenix on Dec. 15, 2015.

  • Many of you signed up for classes.
  • Many of you were here for kindergarten.
  • Many of you just came out and worked on your studies for awhile.
 The NEST was busy and full of laughing children! Almost as busy as a usual Tuesday around here!
So how did it go?
Our visit with Alberta Education was interesting. They were here from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. We reviewed our last in-depth evaluation, had a tour, they chatted with staff, students, parents, Learning Coaches, Board Members, community partners and admin.


They complimented us on the strong community we have created here,  although I am certain they still do not have an in-depth understanding about what we do here at Phoenix. There was so much more we wanted to share!


They noted our passion and commitment to each other and to learning! Yah! Good job!


They left with this quote from young Michael H. “Nothing about this school is good: Everything here is GREAT!


So what’s next?
They have decided to go away, to think about what they learned, to continue to look at other homeschooling providers and then come back for discussion in February.
So . . . until then, we really won’t know too much more about the direction this new minister is taking with regards to Home Education and other forms of HOMESCHOOLING such as online, school-directed and so on.


What can you do?
  • Continue to homeschool.
  • Use the holiday season to laugh, love and enjoy learning!
  • Keep doing a great job. Get your paperwork into us. Complete submissions.
  • Photograph great moments.
  • Share, eat and be grateful for the freedom that  we have that allows us to be able to educate our children!


Best wishes everyone for a merry and bright holiday season!