The Money that Goes to Private Schools!

The money that goes to private schools (and home educators) in Alberta is a mere pittance compared to the waste within the system.

If CBE (just one board) cleaned up their act, we would have more money to put into the classroom and could still have the incredible savings private schools provide! (thereby putting more money into the classroom!)

“Progress Alberta is calling on the government to eliminate public subsidies to private and charter schools,” the advocacy group said of the survey. “It is simply ridiculous that in these difficult economic times the provincial government spent over $200 million public taxpayer dollars on private schools.”

Lisa Davis, vice-president of CAPSC, said if the CBE reduced the percentage of its $1.3 billion budget split between administrative costs and school and instructional supports to the same level of the Calgary Catholic School District’s, it would mean an extra $160 million that could go back into classrooms.


Private schools save money, put more money into public classrooms, are efficient and effective, teach the public curriculum, hire Alberta certificated teachers, must have audited financial statements annually, are monitored regularly by Alberta Education and are responsive to the families they serve!

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