Can the Cold Give You a Cold?

Fire-drills and Hand-washing at Phoenix!

It is school standard practice in Alberta to have a minimum of 6 fire drills per year. They are called at random and regardless of the weather. No one is given the chance to get their coat or put on boots. After all if it was a real fire, it would endanger people’s lives to do so!

Did you know . . . Due to the unique nature of Phoenix, we have 6 “fire drills” per day?

What? That’s right! We don’t go outside each and every time but for every class we, at the very least, run through the process with the kids.

Why? Because no one ever plans to have a fire! And since attendees change for each class, it is prudent to remind the kids each and every class about fire safety!

Hand-washing – This is the same reason why we remind kids about the importance of hand-washing and encourage them to wash their hands! There are potentially different kids in every class each week.

AND since science tells us that we CANNOT catch a cold from the cold but rather from germs, everyone should wash their hands with warm water and soap as often as is practical! Help break the germ cycle! Wash your hands!