Social Skills

Why are social skills important?

According to website Parenting Science, “We want our children to succeed in the social world–to learn how to cooperate, make friends, and negotiate conflicts. We want them to develop strong perspective-taking skills, and treat other people with fairness and compassion.”

Learning to work in small groups is essential for children to be successful now and in the future.

The Phoenix Education Foundation is offering free social skills classes for DIV 1, DIV 2 and DIV 3 students. We strongly encourage parents to take advantage of this amazing resource offered to us by Renfrew Educational Services.

Classes for DIV 1 start Nov. 8 and run for five consecutive weeks starting at 8:45 AM. If you are interested in this class for your student, please be sure to register through the front desk. 

For more information about social skills, check out this great webpage.