6 reasons to homeschool

Homeschooling is a term that applies to a wide variety of options. Here in Alberta it can mean anything from a home education program which a parent designs and implements to an online program that the school delivers or a Blend Ed program that is part online,  part at school, part in print and part in the community.

The reasons people homeschool are as diverse as the homeschooling options but here are six reasons people choose to homeschool.

  1. Advanced  extracurricular activities –  some students are engaged in hockey, dance and other semi professional activities that consume a huge amount of time. Homeschooling allows them to focus on their activities and still complete school.
  2. Family time –  Many people want to spend extra time with their children. Childhood seems to rush by so quickly!
  3. Strong values –  Homeschooling is an excellent way to instill strong morals and values. It is a way of life and children see those values being used each and every day.
  4. Academics – For many homeschoolers the current curriculum is not rigorous enough and as such they want a more academic program for their student.
  5. Special needs –  We see more and more families with students who have special needs choosing to homeschool.
  6. Freedom – Many families love the freedom of homeschooling. They are able to take vacations off-season, attend events and activities on their own time and be more in tune with their children’s physical needs.

6 great reasons to consider home-schooling your children next year! Please feel free to check out our Blend Ed program. You can also call and arrange a private tour of the school anytime we’re open over the summer months. Please see our school calendar for details of when we are open.

Our Blend Ed program might be just what you need to get started! It offers all kinds of support and guidance and includes all of the books, lessons and activities both onsite and out in the community (learning pathway) that your student will need to cover the entire Alberta Programs of Study.