Welcome to Blend Ed!



Whether you are new to the Phoenix Education Foundation or a long time member, we wish you a warm welcome as you embark on the 2017/2018 school year. You have chosen to provide your child with a customized program to suit your child’s specific needs, learning style and the 21st century environment. To ensure you and your child have a positive and productive school year, Phoenix is here to help every step of the way.

Steps to Success: Given that communication is essential for success, it is important to stay in contact with your Learning Coach. She or he is a certificated teacher assigned to direct your program, provide resources, learning strategies and activities, provide specific academic feedback, assessment, evaluation as well as academic counsel. Your Learning Coach will provide you with a year plan and  resources. She or he will administer standardized and informal testing, personal student instruction when needed, and evaluate progress.  It is mandatory that you meet with your Learning Coach three times per year and that you access your account on phoenix.schoology.com on a regular basis to complete monthly assignments, access resources , and receive updates from your teacher. You are encouraged to e-mail, phone or meet with your Learning Coach as often as necessary.

Steps to Success

(1) Welcome Email – after registering at Phoenix, some time prior to Sept 1, you will receive your welcome email. This email will detail who your Learning Coach is and how you book your first meeting.

(2) Facilitation Meeting: You will receive email notice of who your learning coach is and their contact information at which time you may book your FAC meeting. You may book your meeting by calling the front desk or by using the “bookme” link in the email. Your initial meeting with the Learning Coach is a ‘FAC’ (otherwise known as a ‘Facilitation meeting’) lasting approximately 60 minutes.

This is an opportunity to get to know your Learning Coach, share information about your child’s academic history and ask questions specific to your child’s curriculum. Your Learning Coach will complete a reading assessment (Fountas and Pinnell) with your child at this meeting. You will receive your welcome package at this time and complete your child’s learning pathway for classes, camps and special events for the year. (BRING YOUR CHILD)

(3) BlendEd Package: This package is filled with information to guide you through your year. Your Learning Coach will review its contents to ensure that you are aware of deadlines, how to access phoenixschoology.com and how and when assignments and assessments will be provided.

(4) Picking up Resources: You can pick up your resources after you have met with your Learning Coach and all the components of your program have been confirmed.

(5) Orientation Session: All orientation sessions are listed in the program guides. Please pick one and register to attend. There are 13 to choose from!

(6) Register for a Getting Started Workshop: These workshops will teach you how to use g-suite, how to use Schoology and how to manage your student’s day. There is a corresponding workshop for your student! (These run Sept 8, 15 or Oct 6)

Prepare to Soar

Thank you for choosing Phoenix to guide your BlendEd journey. It promises to be an exciting year ahead with new themes in the Creation Studio, hand-on camps and classes, informative parent workshops, field trips and many special events.

Participation in activities on-site at Phoenix helps foster a sense of belonging, and allows you to network with other families. Phoenix classes and camps are active, messy and fun. Please see our program guides for registration information, and details about the unique learning opportunities at Phoenix.