Going Digital!

Did you know … that in near future (2020) all student cumulative files will need to be digital? That means that school authorities will have to scan all student records into the government system (PASI).

The advantages:

  • Faster transfer of student information. When a student changes schools it can take months for the records to catch up.
  • Additionally independent schools will not have to argue or fight with jurisdictions to release records.
  • Safer transfer of student information. Files will be digital and Alberta Education will maintain the servers and security.
  • It will save schools time and money.

The downside:

It will cost schools time and money. They are responsible for scanning and digitizing all their files. For Phoenix, this is few hundred and will be a summer job but for large jurisdictions, this will be tens of thousands of records and may take years.

Overall, this is a positive move that may make education more responsive to individual student need.