!!NEW!! Online Option

Who might be interested? Students in grades 1-6 who do not want to come into the school because of anxiety, travel or sports activities. Parents who want to follow the APS and do not want to mark work.

What makes it different than BlendEd? Uses our amazing Schoology platform to deliver 100% of the program. No at school component.

When? Students can work at their own pace but check in weekly through Big Blue Button with their teacher. They also get to determine when they go on field-trips and what books they read as part of the program. Don’t worry! We still supply all the needed resources for the program.

Tell me more . . . 

Our “Online” program uses our learning management system (Schoology), in combination with great print resources, self guided fieldtrips and celebrations for 950 hours. This program follows the Alberta Program of Studies (APS) in all subject areas, and is directed by a Phoenix teacher (Learning Coach).

Parents are highly engaged partners in this program. There is a collaborative effort between the home and the school, combining the strengths of parent-student, student-teacher (Learning Coach), and parent-teacher (Learning Coach) interaction. The degree to which parents are engaged in learning partnerships varies with the age of the student, their learning needs and grade level but parent assistance with technology and student support with assignments is required.

All elements of this program listed below are REQUIRED. All items listed below are included in the program. Additional support, resources and on-site opportunities may be added. Fees apply to any additions.

  • Schoology orientation
  • minimum of 3 meetings and 2 assessment consultations with a Learning Coach
  • 10 sessions (30 minutes each) of Private Student Instruction (PSI)
  • 2 parent workshops
  • enrollment in Schoology courses
  • variety of digital resources
  • print resources
  • day passes for 3 self-guided field trips (parent & student)
  • access to RAZ kids
  • free gmail account with access to g-suite,
  • access to early literacy resources (gr. 1 & 2 only)
  • literacy coupon for Scholastic
  • access to Chromebook rental program ($99/yr)
  • PATs and prep classes for grade 6
  • teacher-created Learning Pathway for all subject areas
  • teacher designed assignments with teacher marking and feedback
  • Synchronous sessions
  • diagnostic testing (CTBS)
  • 3 private reading assessments (F&P)
  • access to exam bank
  • report cards

What you will need:

  • High Speed Internet
  • Speakers or headset
  • Microphone
  • Scanner
  • Printer

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