Hints from Exam Bank!

Writing a test this week . . . here are some hints from our friends at EXAM BANK!

  • Don’t cram. Short daily study sessions one or two weeks prior to the test are ideal.
  • Get enough sleep, eat a good breakfast, bring a water bottle, and arrive a little earlier than usual if you can.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary tools (e.g. sharpened pencils, eraser, acceptable calculator, etc.)
  • Attentively listen to, and read, all instructions to avoid costly mistakes and confusion.
  • Manage time carefully; it is important to answer as many test questions as possible. Try not to leave any blank.
  • Consider going through the test and answering the ‘easy’ questions first, then returning to tackle the more complicated ones later.
  • When stuck on a question, make your best guess and move on.
  • Read questions thoroughly, paying close attention to words like: not, no, never, now, all, always, only, most, best, and exactly.
  • Try coming up with an answer yourself before reading multiple choice options.
  • Employ the process of elimination; exclude multiple choice options that are definitely wrong to narrow things down.
  • Use scratch paper; working problems out methodically and drawing pictures can help.
  • Show ALL work for written responses.
  • Double check each answer and all written work, but stick to initial gut instincts; don’t change an answer unless it is obviously wrong.