Classes Start Sept 18!

Volcanoes opens tomorrow and most of our fantastic classes are full. We still have room in Grade 1 – LA/SS (Tuesday morning) and Gr 2-3 Science/Math (Thursday afternoon). Stop in at the front desk to check availability.

Please Remember:

Parking – Full classes also means that parking will be VERY busy. There is parking in the lot, on the street, as well as the parking lot down the road at the SAIT building.  Classes start at 9:30 am, please come early enough to find parking.

Lunch Information
  1. There is a family microwave available at the parent coffee station, but there is NOT a family fridge.
  2. Lunch supervision is NOT provided. YOU (or your responsible friend) must be on-site to supervise your student(s).
  3. Lunch supervision is available for $5.00 per child, per day. Please bring CASH and fill out the paperwork at the Front Desk after your student is in class. We will be rounding up unsupervised children and bringing them in for supervision. We will add the $5.00 fee to your account.
Please Bring:
  1. Clean indoor shoes. Bins for footwear are for rent ($5.00 cash) from the front desk – otherwise you are welcome to use a non labeled bin for the day. The unlabeled bins will be cleaned out at the end of the day and any left behind items will go to the lost and found.
  2. Any outstanding paperwork….birth certificates, etc.
  3. Super excited kiddos!!!!
  4. Patience! We have processed over 500 class registrations in the last two weeks. We may have made one or two mistakes. If your child was missed on a class list and we don’t call them for class, please:
  • Come to the Front Desk to get a Drop-in Slip and then you can;
  • Get your student settled in class;
  • Come back to Front Desk so we can dig deeper and figure out what went wrong!

On that note – please allow Sherry and the rest of our team time in the morning to ensure classes are rolling before stopping to ask questions about resources, bins, Hogwart’s classes, feasts, lunch supervision, etc!

If you are leaving while your student is in class:

– Sign out and leave a cell number.

– Arrive back at the school promptly at 11:45 or 3:15. We do not provide after-school supervision, plus, your student might worry!

If you are staying while your student is in class:
  1. The Learning Commons is a shared space. There are students and families that are attending to school work while they are here. THIS IS A QUIET AREA! SHHHHH!
  2. You can go over to Spolumbo’s for coffee. They open at 7:30 AM or to Fiasco after 11:00 AM. They don’t mind if you talk there!
  3. We only have so much internet band width. You may NOT stream movies, games, Netflix, YouTube, etc.  Please see Sherry at the Front Desk for the wifi password.
  4. When the weather is beautiful, you are welcome to supervise your children in the Willy Nilly Yard. Please use the gate on the front of the building, NOT the Founder’s room door. Just like all spaces at Phoenix, we ask you to tidy the yard after you leave. You MUST stay in the yard with your children. You can even pick some veggies (and weeds if you find them) if you would like!
We hope you have an amazing day! We are all super excited to see you soon!