Feast on Friday

We are almost done our first theme of the year, Volcanoes. The kids have learned a great many things by exploring the earth and its forces, rocks and minerals plus emergency preparedness. And now we are ready to share! So on Friday, Oct 19 we will host our first feast of this year!

We will be having mini volcanoes made of mash potatoes with flying meatballs and gravy sitting amidst a forest of broccoli trees. The teen cooking class will be preparing the dish while the K-6 students and their parents will enjoy the meal.

Here’s the agenda for the day:

9:30 am – Foundation Workshops (Blended Kids)

9:30 Parent Workshop – Brain Story (Free for all Phoenix Parents)

10:00 am – Teens arrive and start prep

11:00 am – Rally for the kids, teacher time for parents

11:30 am – set up for feast

12:00 NOON – feast starts ($10.00 per person)

To register for the parent workshop or feast, please go to https://bookwhen.com/calgary